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PCM300 M24x1.5 flat film pressure transmitter water level transmitter pressure sensor

Range -100~4kPa~100MPa(Optional in range)
Pressure type Gauge pressure (default), absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Output signal 4-20mA(default)、0-5V 0-10V
Power supply 12~24VDC(default)、5V、3.6V, etc
Accuracy class 0.5%FC(default)、0.2%FS、0.1%FS
Compensation temperature -10~70S℃
Working temperature -20~80℃
Zero temperature drift 0.5%FS(MAX)
Sensitivity temperature drift 0.5%FS(MAX)
Pressure overload 10MPaBelow 2 times; 1.5 times above 25MPA
Mechanical vibration 20G(20-5000HZ)
Sampling time 2400 times per second
Long-term stability ≤0.2%FS/year
Insulation 100MΩ/250VDC
Protection grade IP65
Response time 2ms
Media compatibility Various fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel
Mounting thread M24×1.5

Product column number
The range shall be filled in directly according to the customer's requirements, such as (0-1MPa) or refer to the Conventional Range Table
PoPer supply mode
V1:12~24VDC、V2:9~24VDC V3:5VDC、V4:3~3.7VDC
Output signal
B1:4~20mA、B2:0~10V、B3:1~5、B4:0~5V B5:Other custom outputs
Interface Thread
Additional functions
J1:Hesman plug、 J2:Direct lead、J3:Aviation joint、J7M12Industrial plug-in
Eg: PCM300 V1 B1 C1 J1 Give an example:PCM300(0~1.0MPa)V1-B1-C1-J1

Range table
Code name Range Code name Range Code name Range Code name Range
P1 0~1kPa P2 0~2kPa P3 0~3kPa P4 0~4kPa
P5 0~6kPa P6 0~10kPa P7 0~16kPa P8 0~20kPa
P9 0~25kPa P10 0~40kPa P11 0~60kPa P12 0~100kPa
P13 0~0.16MPa P14 0~0.25MPa P15 0~0.4MPa P16 0~0.6MPa
P17 0~1.0MPa P18 0~1.6MPa P19 0~2.5MPa P20 0~4MPa
P21 0~6MPa P22 0~10MPa P23 0~16Mpa P24 0~25MPa
P25 0~40MPa P26 0~60MPa P27 0~100MPa P28 -100kpa~0
P29 -100~100kPa P30 -100~30kPa Other order ranges can be directly commented

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